Project :: The Comfort Housing (TCH) Tower - III
The Comfort Housing (TCH) Tower - III
// Panipokhari Kathmandu
The Comfort Housing (TCH) Tower - III // Panipokhari

Sitting adjacent to the Japanese embassy at the uphill section of the Panipokhari road, this twin-tower apartment complex is noted for its subtle fusions of traditional nepali architectural elements to a clearly modern residential structure. With a swimming pool in between the two towers and facilities in forms of a gym, gated security, power backups etc, the TCH Panipokhari apartments provide some of the most coveted addresses in Kathmandu. The two to four bedroom apartments contained within were in spectacularly high demand at the time of their sale and the buildings routinely garner praise from passers by.

Floor area: 94,900 sq. feet
Cost: NRs 188,800,000
House/Flat Qty: 51
Commenced: November 2006
Completed: March 2009
Owner: Mrs. Anju Shah
Developer: The Comfort Housing Pvt. Ltd.
Status: Complete
The Comfort Housing (TCH) Tower - III